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Finding time...

NB: I actually wrote most of this blog a week ago.  And I’m just now finding time to edit and post.  Stay with me guys…with a baby my blog posting has really been infrequent!  While I can knit while holding a baby, typing is harder.  Somewhat ironic that this post is all about finding time to get things done.  I’ll be more reliable in the fall!!  Now on to the post…

Charlie and I were at the store last weekend, and I was working on my Cascade Blanket Knit-Along that several of us at Yarnia have been working on since January.  I mentioned the Gloamin-tide KAL that I’m also working on, and lamented that I’m about half a week behind.  “I don’t see how you have the time to do as much as you do!” they exclaimed.

For me, it’s deliberate planning that helps me find time during the day.  Each week I pick 2-3 projects to focus on during the week, and create a little checklist so I can check off the days that I work on each one. This keeps me from having a project too much on the “back burner”…if there’s something that I want to get done (hello baptism blanket…I’m talking to you…) I put it on the list for the week and make sure I get 2-3 days of knitting time in on it.  I find having a couple of “priority projects” helps me focus and not be overwhelmed by my mountain of WIPS by my desk.  The next week another project may be higher on the priority list, and that’s ok.  This week I’ve been working on my Gloamin-tide shawl and my baptism blanket (I’m almost done!  1.5 more sides of the last chart!  I can’t wait to show you the finished project…).  I’d also like to finish seaming and weave in the ends on my Cascade Luminosa sweater. But that’s it.  The 2 pairs of socks and 2 other sweaters can wait until another week.

And on the other side of the equation is how much better I feel when I get some knitting in each day. It doesn’t have to be a lot.  20 minutes during the kids’ bedtime shows is enough.  But it makes a noticeable difference in my mood to relax and do something I really enjoy for a little bit of time during the day, and make progress (however tiny!) towards a goal.

Beth (who you’ll often find at Yarnia on weekends) has 2 teenage daughters and spends a lot of time taking them to activities and waiting to pick them up.  All those little bits of found time during the day make Beth one of the most prolific knitters I’ve ever seen!

A post on the Osborn Fiber Studio blog I think sums it up best.  If you haven’t checked out her blog before, by the way, it’s totally worth a read (ps: she’s a spinner, too, and has some great spinning experiments).  Rebecca is such a good writer and storyteller, and brings such a sense of calm as she talks about her knitting, her family, and her community in the far north of Canada.  Here’s what Rebecca says in her post from June 4, 2018:

“Knitting still thrives on its flexibility- the ability to pick it up and work on it immediately, put it down after even a short time and be productive, and its portability. Knitting was made for found time.”

Isn’t that the truth?  All of this will get done, and there is time, even if we grab it in 5-minute morsels.


Looking forward to visiting your shop in Montclair. Having "yarn withdrawal" after relocating from Ohio to NJ.

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Look forward to seeing you there, Jennifer! :-)

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