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Now on air!

Yarnia is live on YouTube!  We started a podcast back in March.  Kathleen, Jen, and I are always super-excited about our projects, but we found we didn’t have a great forum to communicate all our excitement to you, and we’d love to hear more about what projects our knitting community is working on too!  So every other Friday we’re coming to you with updates on our projects (including tips & tricks!), what’s new in the store, and some chitchat about what’s going on around town.

In this episode, I finished my Nightshift by Andrea Mowry!  This is a shop sample, so drop by Yarnia to check it out in person.  I really love this pattern–Andrea does a great job of combining simple techniques: knits & purls, make-1 (adding a stitch) and slipped stitches.  If you can do those stitches, you can make this pattern.  One key–it is super-important to keep track of which row you are on until you get a feel for the pattern and can see the pattern emerge in your knitting.  Once I got past the first pattern repeat, I didn’t need to use the pattern anymore and could just play with all the awesome Noro Silk Garden colors I had picked for my shawl.  But at the beginning you’ve got to pay attention to be sure the pattern turns out right.

Also, Kathleen has finished the lace in her Tegna by Caitlyn Hunter!  This is a great summer tee, and Kathleen is knitting it up in Baah La Jolla–a fingering-weight 100% merino wool yarn.  It’s a perfect transition piece, or if you travel to somewhere that’s chilly at night, it’s a great summer top in wool, or it would be awesome in cotton or linen, too.  It’s knit bottom-up, so you get to do the fun lace part first thing, then you have lots of garter, which is perfect for travel-knitting.  I’ve had this one on my queue for a long time, too!

Those are just a couple of the pieces we’re sharing this week.  To find our podcast on YouTube, search for “shopyarnia”, which brings you to our channel.  Be sure to “like” and “subscribe” to the channel so you’ll be the first to see the next episode of the Chronicles of Yarnia!


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