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Lopi's Alafosslopi is a bulky- to worsted-weight, unspun single-ply, 100% Icelandic wool yarn with 100 yards per 100 gram pull-skein. Alafosslopi is the classic Icelandic wool used for the colorwork-yoke patterned Lopapeysa sweaters. Nearly unspun and...
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Juniper Moon Farm Stargazer is a DK-weight, plied, 70% Llama / 30% silk yarn in a 218 yard, 100 gram skein. Stargazer is a luxurious, glowy combination of soft baby llama and silk, with a stunning halo and the barest hint of sheen. This sport-to-DK...
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SpaceCadet Lyra is a sport-weight, cabled 8-ply, 100% Merino wool yarn with 270 yards per 100 gram skein. Lyra is a beautifully sproingy yarn that is a joy to work with. Named for a small constellation, Lyra's cabled 8-ply constructions lends it a...
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