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Begin with yarn and two sticks . . . make a scarf.  A hook and thread . . . create an afghan.  A cloud of wool and a spindle . . . spin a skein of yarn.  At Yarnia, we know that making is important.  The act of creating can take the stress out of a busy day, and shows love in a way that is tangible.  The things we make by hand are imbued with a sense of history a sense of humanity that a store-bought item can never match.  Yarnia brings you the best yarns, tools, and fibers to help speed you on your making journey.

Any maker will tell you that you learn something new with every project, no matter how experienced you are.  Making is all about experimenting and learning whether it’s learning a new craft, a new technique, or a new stitch.  Just as using the right tools makes your craft more enjoyable, learning the right skills allows you to enjoy what you are creating without getting frustrated! Whether you are a brand-new crocheter, or an experienced knitter, Yarnia has the perfect class for you to help build your skills.  Let our experienced teachers help take your craft to the next level.

What’s on our needles, hooks, and spindles?
At Yarnia, everyone on our team is an active crafter who stays in the loop on the latest techniques, newest patterns, and most unique yarns. Join us on our Ravelry page, and browse all the latest projects our team has been working on. Check in with us online to see what’s new, Join our Ravelry group, and feel free to message us with any questions!

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When it doesn't quite work out...

When it doesn't quite work out...

My oldest daughter is my only kiddo who can moderately competently knit (that’s her hands knitting on our home page on the “classes” top banner!). Plus I had knit sweaters for her two younger sisters. That made her the perfect candidate for a new winter sweater (it’s always other knitters who appreciate our hand-knits the most!). Two years ago, when we were on a trip to see her new college, we…
We’ve moved!

We’ve moved!

After three years in our space on Valley Road, we’ve moved to Watchung Plaza! We loved our old space, and it was perfect for Yarnia to get started in. Back when we moved in there, we were just getting started from scratch—buying inventory for the first time, just figuring out all of our sales and online systems…and wondering if a yarn store could make it in Montclair. Starting a business is…